ACW Episode 65 – Kids ask the darnedest questions

Princess did not flood the house, thankfully. She hadn’t left a tap running or a toilet overflowing anywhere in our beloved domicile. So I have no frikkin’ clue why she asked this question out of the blue like that. That’s just what she did.

It’s strange, the questions that bother me. I have no problem discussing ‘where do babies come from?’ or ‘why do some boys only like boys and some girls only like girls?’ Those questions do not strike even a tremor of trepidation in my heart. I already know how to answer them and have answered them a few times.

No, it’s the questions like ‘what happens if you eat a live worm?’ or ‘where do underpants go if you flush them down the potty?’ that scare the crap out of me. Those are the questions for which I have no answer beyond a scream of despair and a gnashing of teeth.

Enjoy the cartoon, folks.

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