ACW Episode 58 – Personal Projects

For some reason, these sorts of conversations happen to me all the time. I’m sitting in the dojo or at the park or in the play area of Chic-Fil-A, working on my latest evil project, and a mom I don’t know will ask, “So, what are you working on?” Fortunately, these conversations never last long…

I have not made a voodoo doll exactly. I did crochet a zombie and then a ninja, both of which I believe I’ve shown off here in the blog. Right now, I’m sewing a felt pillow/creature for Princess – a one-eyed, winged heart doll. It’s based on a little doodle I often like to draw. Princess is also sewing these days, making a heart dolly of her own for Pixie. Nobody is quite sure what Pixie is doing, but here is her latest artistic effort.

Apparently one of these figures is me with blood on my teeth, one of these figures is the Hubster with blood on his teeth, one of these is Pixie with blood on her teeth, and the shortest character is a baby with blood on its teeth. We’ve been talking about adopting a third child, and Pixie very much wants a baby sister. Princess was very upset not to be in this family portrait.

BTW, today’s cartoon also features my best friend Mary. I’ve known Mary since I was 11, which means I’ve now known her 30 years. Kind of scary. Mary knows pretty much everything about me, and yes, she would enjoy watching me give someone a heart attack and as a nurse, she’s more than qualified to perform CPR on my victims. Love ya, Mary!

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  1. You know, most knitters I know (myself included if I didn’t know you) would likely have just made some comment about how smart you were to do Halloween related crafts now to be done in time for the holidays. But then you have mentioned how very different your encounters with suburbia are….

    Man, imagine her reaction to Pixie’s picture!

  2. Funny thing. A lot of the mothers at the dojo only know you as the strange woman who does the weird crafts not as the strange woman who is also a nidan.

  3. Vince,

    This is true, especially since the Thursday black belt class started up. Since I do black belt class on Thursday morning, I no longer take it on Saturdays, when most of the moms are around.

    Either way though, they think I’m strange 😉

  4. Mich,

    Surprisingly, there aren’t a lot of crafters at the dojo. I seem to be it. I have no idea why. It’s the perfect time and place to just sit and crochet or knit or sew. And I do write there on occasion. I mean, why not? I’ve got an hour of time to just sit and wait for the kids.

    Oh well. I’m content to sit by myself and make my freaky little projects 😉


  5. LOL. Too true, I do enjoy watching you give people a heart attack. Keeps me up on those CPR skills….ABC (airway, breathing, circulation)…I’m good. 🙂

  6. Mary,

    And I’m always glad to have you on hand when some faint-hearted mundane gets a little over-excited and keels over. Or when I run into someone who seriously needs a colonoscopy };D

    Love ya!


  7. But those of us who know you well, know you aren’t strange…just weird! For you have been “Weird Helen” to my family for 30 years! And I expect you to be for another 30 more (actually longer than that, as that would only get us to our 70’s and we promised to grow old and stay friends so we would never be the strange old lady who talks to cats…wait, I talk to mt cats now…

  8. Cyne,

    I thought it was spelled Wyrd Helen? Maybe I’m already getting senile. Who knows?

    Having just gotten a clean bill of health from my GP, OB/GYN, mammographer, dentist and eye doctor, I think I will indeed be around for another 30 years. And as soon as I get new cats, I intend to talk to them plenty.
    You think my home owners association will let me have tigers? Here kitty, kitty, kitty…



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