Move It Mama Monday! My Jeans Are Tight!

Uh-oh. It seems I need to slim down a bit. Normally, I do not worry about the number on the scale. But today I put on my jeans and they were tight. Not so tight I can’t zip them, but tight enough that I can’t get down on the floor, play with the kids, and then get back up again without a bit of struggle. That’s too tight in my opinion. And that means I need to focus a bit more on my eating and exercise habits.

I was doing pretty good with EA Sports Active for the first 4 weeks of the 6-week challenge, but then I hit a week where my hormones went all wonky. Two things happened then. I packed on about 4 lbs of water weight and I got massive sugar and salt cravings. I knew what was happening, but that didn’t stop me from throwing my healthy diet out the window so I could gorge on salty snacks and drink way too many sugared drinks. Now I’m paying the price for that.

I was sick on the couch all last week, so now that I feel better I’m going to restart my exercise and healthy eating plans. Starting today, I’ll be getting up at 6AM to exercise with Gold’s Gym Cardio and Wii Fit Plus on the Wii for 45 minutes or so. I did 6 weeks straight of nothing but EASA on the Wii so I’m a little bored with it right now. Gold’s Gym always makes me sweat and Wii Fit is good for fixing my balance and thus my knee problems as well.

In addition to this, I’m going back to my usual two diet rules. First, eat 2 vegetarian meals a day. Second, drink a glass of water before I drink anything else. I’m not giving up my 2-3 cups of tea a day, but drinking the extra water always seems to help slow down the appetite a bit.

I’ll be doing a denim check each Monday as well, trying on the same pair of jeans I tried on this morning to see how they fit. Again, it’s not about the number on the scale. It’s about eating healthy, getting plenty of exercise, drinking lots of water, and FITTING INTO MY JEANS!

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  1. I re-re-re-started my health regime today, too.

    BTW, I got a pair of Sketchers Shape-Ups ( Dunno if they’re helping my muscle tone, but they are WONDERFUL for my knees (and do improve the posture).

  2. Alessia,

    I’ve seen the ads for the Sketchers shoes. Let me know if they work for you, and good look with the reboot on the health regime! As much as I hate falling off the wagon, you’d think I’d learn to stay on!


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