Writing Wednesday – Pocket Ninja up for auction!

This post has nothing and everything to do with writing. Nothing because I’m not talking about my writing today, or even your writing. In fact, if you look at the picture above and the title of this blog post, you will see that what I am talking about is a tiny little ninja that will fit into your pocket… for the right price.

But this post also has everything to do with writing because this particular tiny ninja was created to help out a fellow writer and his daughter. Many of you have probably already heard that Tee Morris, author of Morevi and Billibub Baddings and the godfather of podcasting, lost his wife at the beginning of the year. I never met Natalie Morris, but I know she must have been very special and wonderful because Tee obviously loved her so much. Tee and Natalie have a daughter, Sonic Boom, and a group of writers and podcasters are working together to raise money for a trust fund for this little girl. The Pocket Ninja you see above is one of my offerings for this auction. The other will be a signed copy of Future Perfect. Or unsigned, if you don’t want my autograph. It’s no skin off my nose, so long as you put in a bid at the auction.

The auction for the Boom Effect will be held online 27 February, 2010. You can bid that day or place a proxy bid in advance. There’s a ton of stuff available for the auction, not just my little offerings, so take some time to look through the site. You’re bound to find something you’ll like.

Tee is a wonderful guy. He inspired me to start podcasting my work, and he’s always been there to help out others. Now it’s time to help him and his daughter. Visit theboomeffect.org and help out. And remember, for the right price, that adorable little Pocket Ninja could be yours!

Pocket Ninja says, “Make the highest bid and I’m yours! Hi-yah!!”

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