Episode 46 – Comments from the peanut gallery

Yes, she actually said this to me. This from the kid who was once asked by her pediatrician, “Young lady, how many chins do you intend to grow?!”

You just wait. The joke’s on her. That butt runs in the family.

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  1. We have big butts and the kids can’t lie. 🙂

  2. Leigh,

    The honesty of children would get them killed if they did not look so damned cute when spouting the truth! It’s a wonder I haven’t actually sat on Pixie yet.

  3. Out of the mouths of babes. When ours were young we used to have fresh eggs delivered. Well, mom was out with our daughter and returned to hear the two boys giggling in the living room. When she entered the room she saw two boys holding two empty egg cartons and what was left of two dozen eggs on the fireplace hearth. Aren’t children fun, just like you used to be when their age.

  4. We’ve had a couple of play dates recently. Five year olds don’t understand that it’s impolite not to eat the food presented to them. It was a granola bar. But she doesn’t like that kind of granola bar. (snort) However, I will eat all of your fruit roll ups please. Yeah, um, no. You can have cheese and crackers if you want, but after two fruit roll ups, I think you’ve had enough. LOL

    My daughter dressed herself this morning. The theme running through all of the clothes was the color white. She was so proud. My DH gave me a look that said, “You are going to let her go out like that?” Um, we have 5 minutes to get to school. Changing her would rival a WWIII battle. Yeah, she can go to school like that. At least she’s wearing a long shirt and long pants. The dress on the top is just, um, gravy? (grin) Mind you, she had on horizontal strips AND diagonal strips of different colors. LOL The other moms at school thought it was great. She can only dress like that for so long and look cute. I might as well let her. (grin)


  5. Tom,

    Kids and eggs do not mix well, I’ve discovered! Yes, kids do and say the most amazing things. It’s a wonder they live long enough to become adults!

  6. Marci,

    Pixie and Princess will put together the most outrageous outfits. Because Princess is older, I can persuade her a bit not to pile on too many layers of clashing patterns. But Pixie? I just throw up my hands and say, “Whatever!” And I make sure to bring a change of outfit to her school in case she gets too uncomfortable beneath two dresses, long pants and a pair of tights.


  7. The really scary part is we survived. That means our genes are that much more powerful.

  8. My 3 boys used to sit on the couch behind me while I did exercise tapes, trying desperately and unsuccessfully to lose the pounds I had put on while my thighs were getting ready to supply nutrients for the milk to feed their ungrateful butts! And they would giggle and point, chanting, “Mama has a big butt, Mama has a big butt!”
    That’s why I started going to Jazzercise classes. At least there, other women look like me too, and we keep each other sane as we sweat together. The boys and their sister are now all teenagers. My thighs are still holding onto those extra pounds “just in case” I ever need to nurse a baby again. But as my husband says, “Honey, you’re toned!” He’s a real “keeper”!

  9. You say ‘big butt’ like it’s a bad thing…

  10. Tom,

    Yeah, that which didn’t kill us made us stronger! Although these days I wonder if I, the parent, will survive my own children!

  11. Fiona,

    Oh yeah, a husband who says that is definitely a keeper! Mine wonders why I worry so much about the extra pounds I’ve put on. It’s because of what he says that I’ve decided to cut myself some slack and just enjoy what I eat and the time I spend working out. The pounds will come or go, but now I can enjoy my cheesecake without guilt!

  12. Gar,

    Honestly, I’d rather have a big butt than no butt. I’ve always had a big rear end, and I have to say, it gives me some nice curves so I don’t complain much. My only problem is with clothing. My hips are so much wider than my waist, I have a hard time finding jeans that fit (that I can also afford). And I hate the idea of expanding out of my clothing due to weight gain, because I’m too cheap to buy new clothing. Right now, everything fits, so I’m happy.

  13. That was just my point. Can the parent survive the kids. Of course you have to treat them right because they will determine what nursing home you will reside in.

  14. Tom,

    Don’t remind me. My kids will probably put me in a cardboard box out on the sidewalk with a sign that says, “Free! Take one!”

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