Move It Mama Monday! Water, water everywhere!

So, water aerobics. You’d have thought a class dominated by senior citizens would have been easy, but no way Jose. I have been getting my patookie kicked in the pool the last few weeks trying to keep up with the grandmas and the grandpas while we jog and lift our little foam weights and in general churn up the chlorinated water like rabid mermaids. At the end of three weeks of this (at two classes a week), I now have more muscle definition than I’ve had in a while, and I definitely look and feel slimmer. But do I weigh less?

Of course not, because I’m now mid-cycle!

Around the middle of my menstrual cycle, I pack on about 3-5 pounds of water weight. There is nothing I can do to prevent it. I’ve tried drinking extra water to flush the excess fluid out of my system. I’ve tried sticking to a mainly veggie diet and cutting back on high fat foods. I’ve tried doing extra excerise around that time, getting more sleep, etc. Basically, none of it has prevented me from packing on the extra weight, so I’ve just learned to live with it. I keep hoping if I drop a couple of pounds that will counter the effect, but I haven’t had much luck losing weight, and at this point, so long as all my clothes fit, I really don’t care.

But Wii Fit Plus cares! Oh does that little sucker care. It never fails that I get to this point in my cycle, or I get to the end of my cycle (the other time I pack on the water weight), and suddenly Wii Fit is calling me “Fattie Fattie Two by Four” and demanding to know why my ass is so big. The damn thing actually gives me a list of reasons to choose from, but do you think hormones and water weight are anywhere on that list? Noooooooooo! Because that would mean Wii Fit is sensative to issues like that, and I’ve learned from experience that one thing Wii Fit is not is sensative.

Is it me, or is anybody else tired of Wii Fit’s snark? It shows up when you miss a day or two of working out, and again when you weigh in and show up a few pounds heavier. Oh, and if you don’t excel on some portion ofI the fitness test there are these little comments like, “Hm, looks like walking upright is not your strong suit!”

Between the snark and the fact that Wii Fit Plus failed to include any updates on its cardio games, I’ve pretty much relegated my workouts with it to one day a week. Oh, I still use it for fit tests, because I simply can’t do without my daily dose of snark and abuse, but otherwise, I’m focussing more on Gold’s Gym Cardio and My Fitness Coach.

And water aerobics. Because in the pool, it doesn’t matter how much water weight my butt is hauling. It’s just one more drop in the bucket 😉

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  1. New post! Move It Mama Monday! Water, water everywhere!: So, water aerobics. You’d have thought ..

  2. @Cynical_Woman morning Miss Helen!

  3. @ScarlettGreyson Good morning 😉

  4. @Cynical_Woman sounds like you’ve quite the week in store!

  5. @ScarlettGreyson Oh, it will be fun! The good thing is, I get to treat myself and the girls to Chinese takeout while Hubster’s away ::D

  6. @Cynical_Woman oooh…sounds good to me! When should I be there? 😉

  7. @ScarlettGreyson Thursday night sound good? Or else Friday. He’s gone AAAAAAAALL week.

  8. @Cynical_Woman Sounds good…I’ll bring the crab rangoon! 😀

  9. @ScarlettGreyson I LUV crab rangoon, and I can only have it when Hubster is away. He’s allergic to crab.

  10. @Cynical_Woman mmm…I love it too 🙂 Our local hole in the wall chinese takeout has awesome ones!

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