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Once again, it’s Sunday morning, but today I’m far afield, about one hour from home and enjoying a light repast at a Panera’s. I’m on my own this morning. Hubster, good Catholic that he is, took the girls to church, and me, good Zen Buddhist that I am, said, “Good luck with that!”

I’ve not had the funnest of weeks this past week. Some sort of weird bug hit me, and I spent a lot of mornings in bed thinking maybe I was dying. No fever, congestion, or vomiting, but I was completely wiped out and had a headache that wouldn’t quit. It’s wasn’t a really bad headache, just one persistent SOB that would not leave me alone. So I spend quite a lot of time in bed this week, while the Hubster picked up after my sorry ass. I have to say, I love that man of mine. So this morning’s contentments are dedicated to him, the man who puts up with moi! And we’re starting with…

Hubster’s cooking – he made seared tuna steaks last night with Sechuan green beans. The girls both turned their noses up at it while I devoured everything on my plate and then some. The man can cook. In fact, up until the past couple of years, he did all the cooking as well as all the grocery shopping. What a guy!

Hubster’s way with kids – I have to admit, I’m a nervous Nellie when it comes to letting the girls run amok in the neighborhood. I can just imagine all sorts of things going wrong. Hubster lets them venture farther afield than I do. They enjoy the freedom, they learn a little responsibility, and I learn not to be so much of a tight-ass when it comes to letting kids do what kids do. Yesterday, Princess happily spent the day outside on her own, riding up and down the street on her bike. Up until some snot-nose little boys decided to start picking on her, she was happy as a lark and doing pretty good on her bike. I’m going to have to let her and Pixie run loose more often (oh, and I explained to Princess that little boys are scum-eating, stinky, smelly, fetid, rotten, puss-drooling little creeps which made her laugh; welcome to the Battle of the Sexes, kiddo!).

Hubster’s way with kids, part 2 – when Princess came home crying telling us one of the aforementioned little cretins threw rocks at her, I sent Hubster out to handle the situation, because I just knew I was gonna kill me some little boys. Cool, logical engineer guy that he is, he confronted the boy in question, and when he got a “he-said she-said” story, he let the little boy know that if he ever saw any rocks being thrown at anyone, he was going to handle it by talking to the parents of everyone involved. Me, I would have just rained down blood and hell fire and obliterated the entire neighborhood. But I’m hormonal and not feeling well this week, which is why I sent out the Hubster instead 🙂

Hubster’s manly home improvement skills – the man is a genius in more ways than one. He pinches every penny until it screams, always getting more than his dollar’s worth, and one of the ways he does this is by doing the home repairs himself. He researches every project and then confidently goes down to the hardware store, gets what he needs, and sets about fixing whatever needs fixing. I don’t think I can recall a single home improvement project he’s done that has not gone well. Some have gone on longer than expected, like the rennovation of our downstairs bathroom and the retiling of our kitchen floor, but that’s only because the man works mad hours at his J-O-B.

Hubster’s mad computer skillz – the man builds computers as a hobby. He builds really good computers, too. Occasionally, we have the odd error or the need to fix a problem caused by the operating system, but he understands computers inside and out. When he doesn’t outright build a computer, he researches thoroughly before he buys. As the lucky recipient of his computer skills, I now own 3, count them, 3 computers, including the little netbook I’m using right now to blog. I’m a computer addict, and I could not survive without my genius husband.

Hubster’s giant brain – did I mention he’s incredibly, stupendously smart? Like he really is a rocket scientist smart? My dad always said it’s just as easy to fall in love with a rich man as it is a poor man. I told Dad it was better to fall in love with a smart man than a rich man, because the rich man might get stupid with his money, but the smart man never would. I have not yet been proven wrong on this.

Hubster’s never-ending patience – the man very rarely blows up, and he’s put up with a lot of shit from me over the last… good lord, has it been 19 years? (That would be 3 years of dating and engagement plus 16 years of marriage.) Why he’s still around, I don’t know, but he’s been here through thick and thin, and has supported me in every half-assed endevour I’ve gotten involved in. A lesser man would have either killed me or himself long since, I’m telling you.

And I could go on and on. The fact is, you don’t stay married to a man for 16 years if he’s not special, and Hubster is. He’s got the kids this morning, and has pretty much given me the entire week off to recuperate from my mysterious illness. He’s making London broil tonight, and I’m pretty certain we’ll be enjoying a quiet afternoon watching the game today, cuddled up on the sofa while the kids run amok around us. Is there anything more I could want? Seriously, I don’t think so.

Have a good Sunday everyone, and I hope you enjoy the day with the ones you love.

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