Writing Wednesday – Writing while sick?

I was going to write about something else for this week’s Writing Wednesday, but after spending a day sick in bed I thought I’d write about writing while sick. Do you write while sick, or not? I tried to get up at 5AM and write, but felt so lousy that I was back in bed after only 500 words, and didn’t get up again until after 10AM. Yeah, I felt really lousy. However, I was still able to pull my laptop in bed with me after I got up the second time and I did get some work done. It was mostly things like answering e-mail and writing blog posts, but not the heavy duty stuff like fiction writing.

I suppose I could have worked on a story. After all, I felt better after I’d had some sleep. But I also had other work that I knew wouldn’t tax my brain quite as much, so I focussed on that instead.

I can write while sick, and will write while sick if I’ve got a deadline coming up. Among other things, I have a weekly deadline with the podcast, and I can’t afford to miss that. Plus, while it may tax my brain to write, it doesn’t tax my body that much. If I can sit upright with a laptop and not have to worry about heaving my lunch all over my keyboard, then I can certainly write. It’s just a question of whether or not I want to.

Today (which is Tuesday for me, since I tend to write blog posts in advance), my weekly deadline wasn’t so pressing, and I had other, lighter work I could do. So I gave myself an easy day, and why not? Most days I’m on the go from 5AM until 10PM. Some days I could use a day in bed.

What do you think? Do you write, create, or work, while you’re sick? Or do you take a break?

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