Move It Mama Monday – Finding My Get Up and Go

I hate being sick. I had thought the cold I picked up before heading out to Vegas would be over within a week or so, but the damn thing has lingered, mutating into a sinus infection and sapping me of my will to live. I spent most of last week shuffling around the house, still one of the living dead. If I had energy, I made sure the exercise, but then I usually paid for it the next day by feeling dead again.

I talked to Patty, one of moms in the Screeching Harpies Moms’ Posse (we are NOT a mommies group), and found out she’d had similar problems, so at least I feel better knowing it’s not just a case of me being lazy. Something really is going around turning folks into zombies. But that knowledge still doesn’t solve the problem of getting me back on my feet. I really need to get back into the swing of things, and I’m wondering if I should just force myself to get back to karate and swimming (the toughest activities I do these days), or if I should just continue to languish around the house a few more days until I feel better.

Right now, I’m opting for somewhere in between. I’ve decided to get into the pool one day and do ten or so laps (not too many or I know I’ll be dead the next day), and then one other day spend half an hour on karate practice. I’m also trying to get back to daytime karate classes, because I’m too wiped out in the evenings, but I don’t know if I’m really up to that much exercise yet or not.

One other thing I’ve decided is that I do not have to do my exercise right off the bat, heading out for the gym or stepping on the Wii Fit as soon as the Princess is off to school. I’d rather ease into my day right now, taking a little time to do a few easy chores, get myself warmed up. And of course, take some time to play a little music to get myself into the mood to exercise.

This was a little trick I discovered yesterday that actually got me into the gym. I had already decided not to go workout. I’d focus on getting laundry done instead. But while I was doing laundry, I put ABBA in the CD player, and what do you know? In a few minutes, I was dancing around the bedroom. It only took two songs to get my blood pumping and raise my mood out of the depths of blah. I ended up throwing a few things into my gym bag as soon as the laundry was put away and heading out the door. I did 30 minutes of karate practice, and it felt good.

And naturally, I paid for it today. I over slept big time this morning, and have been dragging around all morning. I limped through karate class, and am struggling to stay awake through Princess’ swim class now. And I still have laundry to do when I get home.

Maybe I’ll play some more ABBA and that’ll wake me up in time to go out for the evening.

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