Blow Off Day Again!

I hereby officially declare today to be Blow Off Day. I’ve been struggling with jet lag, a sinus infection, and finances all week. I thought I had at least two of these things licked yesterday (not the finances, at least not yet), but then the Hubster pulled out a movie rental and said, “Hey, let’s watch Iron Man!”

So we stayed up way too late to watch the first half of Iron Man and I have this to say about the movie. Iron Man is a very good movie, but not good enough for me to stay up late a second night in the row so I can feel wasted on Friday. Don’t get me wrong. I really, really enjoyed the movie, but I really, really hate feeling like crap when I’ve got a mountain of work confronting me.

I tried getting up at 5AM this morning, like I’m supposed to, and I swear I felt body parts drop off of me as I shuffled zombie-like into the bathroom. So I gathered up everything that fell off and piled back into bed. Then I dragged myself out again at 7AM to get the Princess up and going. I managed to launch her out the door with the Hubster by 8AM, and then I went back to bed.

Pixie woke up some time between 8 and 9. I lay dying in my bed while she puttered around in her room. Then at some point I opened my eyes and found her staring at me over the edge of the bed. She cuddled with me for a while, got bored with her mother the corpse, and then ran into my closet, pulled out the clothes I’d left hanging on the door knob, and told me to “GET DRESSED!”

I did not get dressed, but I did get up. Pixie has been fed, and I comforted myself with a veggie eggroll and a hot cup of tea before collapsing back on the couch again. I’m slowly starting to come to life. I think I may have a hot bath, a spin on the Wii Fit to do the body test, and then… Well hell, I don’t know. I need to keep going on my finances, getting bank statements entered and pulling together tax info. I need to write a short story. I need to get to work on a cartoon. I’ve got a to do list a mile long, but the couch is so comfy and I’m so tired. And did I mention I’m oozing green snot?

Yeah, it’s Blow Off Day for sure.

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  1. I think it’s a fabulous idea. I shall join you.

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