Move It Mama Monday – Wii Fit Hates Me!

I’m knocking this out real quick before I go to bed, because I promised I’d do a Move It Mama Monday post every week, and after the first post I promptly missed the next week, and I’m about to miss this week too.

First off, I still love the Wii Fit, but it hates me. WTF? you ask. It’s simple. I love getting on the Wii Fit and playing the games, and I was seeing a slow, steady decline in my weight, but then I went to Vegas for a few days and when I got back my weight was up 2.2 lbs, and Wii Fit scolded me for it, and nagged at me for not being around the last five days! Yes, it said I was a slacker who had gained weight and it wanted to know the reason why I was suddenly so porky. And you know what? That little twerp doesn’t offer water weight as an excuse!

In all honesty, I went to Vegas for 5 days for EPICon 2009, an e-publishing convention. One of those days was mostly spent on the plane flying out there and then another was spent on the trip coming back. I came down with a nasty cold the day I left, and had a jam-packed schedule from the moment I landed in Vegas, so that made exercising and foraging for healthy food a little tough. Still, I didn’t think I had done that badly. I swam laps in the pool twice while I was there, and walked around the resort, making sure to take the steps instead of any elevators. Plus, except for two meals, I really didn’t feel like I had over-indulged. Yeah, I got two desserts at the Eppies Awards Banquet, and yes, there weren’t nearly enough fresh fruits and vegetables in my diet during those few days. But damn, I tried! I avoided eating lots and lots of greasy meals by going out every day. In fact, I only ordered two meals for room service – dinner the night I arrived and breakfast the next morning, because I had no other way to get a meal being on a resort. It was either room service or go to the resort restaurants. And I stretched those two meals I ordered, making them both last a couple of days because they were so huge. But other than that, I was good I tell you!

Oh, but I did get a gellato one afternoon.

And there was this greasy bagel sandwich I ate at the airport the morning I left.

And the Moe’s burrito I had during my layover in Atlanta.

Plus a huge Cinnabun thing on the morning flying back.

And an order of Moe’s nachos during the layover on my way back.

Well crud. I guess I wasn’t so good after all. Back to vegetarian meals and more Wii Fit for me! We’ll see how much I weigh next Monday.

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