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I have no idea what to write today, but since I actually have a few moments of free time, I thought I’d do a blog entry. So this is one that’s been floating around in my brain for a while… all the nick names I’ve had for the kids.

Nick names for Cassie:

Cheeze Butt (because when she was an infant, her poop looked like pimento cheese, without the pimentoes)


Sassy Cassie

Sassafrassa Cassa-lassa


Princess Bucket Head (because we had a toy bucket that we played with in the bathtub and sometimes I’d put it on her head and say it was a crown; it fit perfectly too)

Brownie (for her brown hair)

Little Miss Stinkpot (because she smells all stinky when she wakes up in the morning)

Booger Babe (for when she has a cold)

Farting Beauty from Patootie (because I got really tired of playing princesses one day and I needed something to break up the monotony)

Little Baby Screams-A-Lot (back when she had colic)

Nick names for Sam:

Sam I Am (a play on Samantha Ann)

Sammy Am (a play on Sam I Am)

Da Yellow Kid (she had jaundice when she was born)

Twinkie (again, refers to the jaundice and later on her blonde hair)

T. Willie Winky (a play on Twinkie)

Cuddle Bug (because she always liked to cuddle)

Bruiser (because she can also be a little thug)

Thuggie (see above)

Little Miss Piddly Farts (because I’m her mom and I can call her that)

Blondie (how did I get a kid with blonde hair?!)

Lumpkin (for those moments when she flings her self on the ground like a lump and refuses to move)

Chunky Baby (because she was so rolly-polly for so long)

There are plenty more nick names for the girls. I make up new ones all the time. It’s a habit I get from my dad. He had quite a few for me and my sister – Rumpus McGoon (me) and Rumpus McBean (Carolyn), Helly Jelly Belly (me), Carolina Moon (Carolyn), etc., etc. I’ll add more names to the girls’ lists as I remember them.

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