More Disney Memories – Sam Grows

During the last few weeks, Sam has grown quite a bit. She learned to sit up all on her own the week before we left for Disney, and was quite proud of herself. While we were in Orlando, she learned how to clap her hands and she started crawling. Plus, Sam also started eating solid food. She was quite insistent about it. No way was she going to let the rest of the family sample the gourmet cuisine in Disney World and not get a taste herself. The biggest change however, was Sam’s weight. I had to haul little Miss Chunky Butt all through Disney, and let me tell you, that kid just got heavier by the hour. By the time we got home, my left arm and shoulder had seized up from carrying Sam so much. And why did I carry her so much? Because the little fart figured out if she said “Mama!” she could have whatever she wanted.

Smart kid.

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  1. Wow – how cool! My littlest one is just starting to walk, so there is a lot of cheering going on at our house lately!

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