Rats! Episode 64 – Look! It’s Super Rat!

I swear, I cannot recall where the idea for Super Rat came from. He just suddenly showed up in the strip one day, and made a few more appearances after that.

This was drawn in October of my senior year at Virginia Tech, so our rats that year were probably still dragging through the hallways, though I’m sure they had some privileges by that point. During my senior year, I was the Academics Officer for Hotel Company. I swear, I saw more freshman engineering students change their majors to history that year and in more than a few cases it was because the students flat out weren’t studying. Yes, they had a lot to deal with – the Corps, ROTC, adjusting to college life, etc. However, if some of those freshman had just spent a few more hours at their desks, noses in their books, they might have remained engineering majors.

Anyway, here’s Super Rat. He won’t save your failing grades, but he might help you out in the hallway when you get cornered by a senior cadet. Just as soon as he fixes his rat belt.