Move It Mama Monday! Hey, remember how I used to blog about exercise?

Hey, remember when I used to blog every Monday about exercise? Been a while since I’ve done that, hasn’t it?

All I can say is I got eaten alive by my schedule the past two months. Between end of school year activities, Balticon, Girl Scouts and other things, Move It Mama Monday has been a low priority. And exercise has been a low priority too, I’m afraid. Not that I haven’t been exercising. I have, just not the way I normally do.

I’ve managed to make it to at least 2 hours of karate class a week, but not 4. I’ve been walking a bit, with a little running mixed in. I think I did a few workouts on the Wii this past month. But mostly what I’ve been doing is cleaning my house.

Housework is dirty, sweaty work, especially when it involves a lot of heavy lifting and going up and down stairs. I’ve done plenty of both activities thanks to my desk breaking last week. Afnd I’ve been actively hauling bags and boxes of stuff out to the local charity shop for donation. The house is slowly becoming habitable again, and I will continue to clean out the place until I can easily navigate through every room. My biggest task is still ahead – the garage. However, I. An’t clear that out until the rain stops, so it may be another week before I tackle that.

So anyway, the house is getting clean and I’ve been getting a workout, but I haven’t been doing my regular activities. But that’s changing. Mich got a Y membership and she started doing deep water aerobics so I decided to join her for a couple classes a week. Due to schedule constraints and Pixie’s outright refusal to be left in the Y nursery for any reason, we’re going to class at 6AM. That’s pretty early, but worth it.

In other news, I have been informed by friends that I will be riding a bike. Patricia is donating a hybrid bike to me and I’m going to see if it’s true that you never forget to ride one. I’m looking forward to the challenge, I’ll admit. If I start biking, I could ride my bike to the Y, do water aerobics, and then ride home. I’ll save gas and squeeze in a bit more exercise, assuming I don’t get myself killed by a dumbass driver. This should be interesting.

So that’s what’s going on right now. I had water aerobics at 6 this morning, so I’m going to get my second cup of coffee now. See ya later this week!