ACW Guest Artist – Princess!

I'm still recovering from being sick. Fortunately, there's only a couple more weeks left of Girl Scout cookie season and I'm starting to get some down time. I am drawing the next comic, but in the meantime, Princess gave me this to share with everyone…

The Goonie Bird!

Actually, I don't know what Princess calls this, but to me, it's a Goonie Bird, and a very lovely one at that. I hope you all enjoy it!


ACW Episode 240 – But is it edible?

Cynical Woman!

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I swear to high heavens, this is exactly what Princess said. I do NOT make this stuff up.

The next episode of Bitchcraft is in the works. I had 3 Girl Scout events this weekend, including the start of cookie season. Yes, it’s that time again. Here’s hoping I survive another year.

ACW Episode 230 – It’s in the blood


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This is an actual conversation I had with the kids this weekend as we worked on Halloween decorations. We bought a bunch of Dollar Store dolls and are converting them into zombies, in case it’s not clear what Pixie and I are working on.

By the way, have I mentioned how much I love Manga Studio 5? Between the pen tools, the ease of coloring my artwork, and the effects I can use, Manga Studio has made drawing webcomics so much more fun!

ACW Episode 225 – Juggling and Struggling

Honestly, I have a 4-panel strip scripted, lettered, and laid out. But it's not been sketched an drawn yet, due to the sheer amount of other work that I had to do last week. No joke, I spent four days straight doing nothing but Girl Scouts stuff – trying to place girls in troops, getting ready for and running my own troop meeting on Sunday, handling paperwork, etc. And this week I have a volunteer meeting every night except Friday. It's kind of brutal and so my schedule is rather screwed up right now.

But I'm just going to keep chugging along. I promise, there will be a webcomic on Mondays, though it may be a bit late, and there will be an episode of Bitchcraft on Friday, though sometimes that may be a bit late as well. Meanwhile, I will also be working hard to keep up with my other work as best as I can. And when necessary, I will take entire days off from Girl Scouts, because hey, I'm a VOLUNTEER and I have A LIFE OUTSIDE OF GIRL SCOUTS.

Meanwhile, do you like the colors on the comic above? I'm playing around with new colors schemes in my non-comics art, and since I had this color palette already set up in SketchClub, I decided to use it in today's comic. It sort of matches my wardrobe now, since I accidentally dyed everything I own slightly yellow. Oops.


ACW Episode 220 – Let’s go to the movies!


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We went to see “Despicable Me 2” on Friday. While I was watching the kids laugh at the movie, I remembered Princess’ reaction to her first visit to the theater. The movie was “March of the Penguins” and Princess was so overwhelmed by it, she had to tell EVERYBODY there were penguins on the screen. Fortunately, the rest of the audience seemed to be made up of grandparents who were very amused by her reaction.

This my second week working with Manga Studio 4 EX on my Surface Pro. Still getting used to a few things, but drawing comics this way does not suck, I gotta say. I finally have the mobility of my iPad combined with a program that lets me create the webcomic from start to finish. No more switching back and for between apps to pencil, ink, color, and letter the comic. Yay!

ACW Episode 218 – the Ultimate Horror

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To be fair, Princess has never refused to clean her room. She just simply can't figure out what to do. School, church, camp, and other places she goes to all send her home with a metric crap-ton of… Well, crap. Loose papers, worksheets, flimsy crafts, crappy cheap toys, awards for having just shown up (I hate those damn things the most). There's a constant influx of garbage coming into the house and ending up right in her room. And Princess is 10, which means she can't yet sort out what's important and what needs to be thrown away. I know she can clean. She cleans the bathrooms for me all the time. But the bathrooms don't have that much crap in them!

So I told Princess last week that I was going to help her by reducing the stuff in her room by at least half. Over the course of seven days, I tossed out five full bags of garbage and recycling and filled several large boxes with old clothes and toys she doesn't play with anymore. Princess was astonished and very happy. We can actually see the floor now, and we finally know where all her school uniforms are. It's a miracle!

Of course, I still have to do this for Pixie's room, my room, and every other room in the house. I didn't get much cleaning done this year thanks to my torn ACL. So I will be spending all summer tossing out at least half of what we have stored in here. I can't wait too see what the final result will look like. I may discover I have an entirely new house when I'm done!