ACW Episode 225 – Juggling and Struggling

Honestly, I have a 4-panel strip scripted, lettered, and laid out. But it's not been sketched an drawn yet, due to the sheer amount of other work that I had to do last week. No joke, I spent four days straight doing nothing but Girl Scouts stuff – trying to place girls in troops, getting ready for and running my own troop meeting on Sunday, handling paperwork, etc. And this week I have a volunteer meeting every night except Friday. It's kind of brutal and so my schedule is rather screwed up right now.

But I'm just going to keep chugging along. I promise, there will be a webcomic on Mondays, though it may be a bit late, and there will be an episode of Bitchcraft on Friday, though sometimes that may be a bit late as well. Meanwhile, I will also be working hard to keep up with my other work as best as I can. And when necessary, I will take entire days off from Girl Scouts, because hey, I'm a VOLUNTEER and I have A LIFE OUTSIDE OF GIRL SCOUTS.

Meanwhile, do you like the colors on the comic above? I'm playing around with new colors schemes in my non-comics art, and since I had this color palette already set up in SketchClub, I decided to use it in today's comic. It sort of matches my wardrobe now, since I accidentally dyed everything I own slightly yellow. Oops.


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