Creature Comforts – Day 12 & 13, Cushy, cozy B-MO!

I was already to post something last night when my iPad ran out of battery power. I thought about posting this morning instead, but then I got caught up in finishing the B-MO pillow. So here is the picture I was going to post yesterday…


B-MO ready for sewing!

B-MO pieces ready to be sewn!

And then today I took this picture!


B-MO is all done!

“Who wants to play video games?!”

You should know, this is the ONLY thing I got done today, aside from yoga and making my bed. It took me hours to get the appliques done on B-MO, but now he’s finally done! And I am going to cuddle up with him tonight and watch a couple of episodes of “Adventure Time!”

Oh, I also took a photo of the cozy purple hat of DOOOOOOM that I finished on Monday…


Giant Purple Hat of DOOOOOOM!!

Doesn’t Pixie look lovely?!

Aaaaaaaaaaaand I did a litle work on this project…


Granny squares!

“Who’s your granny?”

I have a total of 64 squares to stitch together and then I’ll have a lovely blanket that won’t match my pillow at all, but will still feel pretty cozy 🙂

So yeah, I’ve been busy this week. Time to cuddle with B-MO now. Good night!

Creature Comforts – Day 08 & 09, Slouchy Hat of Doooooom!


Slouchy Hat of Doooooom!

I obviously have a lot of purple yarn in my stash…

Sorry about not posting yesterday. Last night was the Girl Scout cookie rally, and I spent all day yesterday getting ready for it. I put together games and activities for three stations, which is a lot of fun, but also a lot of work. Fortunately, I had a new Creature Comforts project already in progress – this lovely hat! I had already started this earlier in the week, and I managed to squeeze in just one round of crochet yesterday in between Girl Scout activities. Then I got a lot of work done on it tonight. It’s almost done. I just need to finish up the ribbed band, and I’m hoping I can get that done tomorrow.

This purple yarn is the same yarn I used in the Krampus Cowl. I bought a pound’s worth of it a few years ago, and now I’m determined to use it all up. I bought TWO pounds of the same yarn in black, and I’m really going to have to work to use all that up. But I have a few ideas of what I could do with it.

This isn’t the prettiest yarn – it’s got a lot of lumps and small snags in it – but it is very sturdy and perfect for a big slouchy hat like this one. I’ll see if I decide to add any decoration to it. I’m thinking it needs a skull and cross bones appliqued on the back, and I’m pretty sure I’ve got a pattern for that somewhere. Anyhoo, I’ve got a troop meeting tomorrow, so I’m going to bed now! Good night!

Creature Comforts – Day 04, Zombie Kitty Cup Cozy finished!


Zombie Kitty Cup Cozy!

This’ll put a little “MEOW!” in your mocha!

Ta-daaaa! I had fun adding the final details to this baby! The brains are a pom-pom yarn that I crocheted to the edge of the cozy. They have a nice fluffy look that reminds me of an actual brain (yes, I think brains are fluffy). But the brains by themselves didn’t quite work for me, so I added the blood and that did the trick! Take a closer look at it!


Lovely fluffy zombie kitty brains!

I made up this cup cozy on the fly, so there are a few things I would change for the next version. I would like to make it a bit longer, to give me more room to add the features, and I think the mouth would work better as an oval shape rather than the rounded triangle I came up with. But over all, I’m very happy with this!

Tomorrow, I plan to start a new project for the Creature Comforts theme.  For now, enjoy this cuddly zombie kitty cozy!

Creature Comforts – Day 02, Zombie Kitty Cup Cozy in progress


Zombie Kitty Cup Cozy!

Cup cozies make me purrrrr…

After making the Krampus amigurumi for one of my nephews, I still had some of green yarn left, just enough for a cup cozy. I have an Adventure Time cup cozy I made last year (it’s Jake the Dog), and everyone who sees it just loves it and wants to know where I bought it! When I tell folks I made it, they’re usually very surprised. I’m betting now they’ll be even more surprised when they see the finished version of this! 

Krampus Challenge, Day 31, & Creature Comforts, Day 01 – Krampus Amigurumi Finished!


Krampus Amigurumi!

“Baaaaaa! Humbug!”

I just finished this. Yesterday, I had the head completely assembled and the body attached. Today I finished off the legs, beard and tail and stitched those on. Five seconds later, my nephew ran off with him, shouting, “Kwampus! KWAAAAAMPUS!!” Apparently, he’s very happy with his new stuffie.

Which is perfect, because while yesterday was the last day of the Krampus Challenge, today is the first day of the Creature Comforts Challenge, and I can think of no better Creature Comfort than a monstrous stuffie to cuddle with at night and help keep the Thing Beneath the Bed at bay until morning.

 I’m going to spend the rest of today relaxing with family and watching y nephew run around with Krampus. It’s a good way to start the New Year.

Krampus Challenge – Day 30, Crochet Krampus in progress


Crochet Krampus in progress!

It’s NOT a bunny!

I’m still cleaning up the cross-stitch pattern, but I decided to switch gears for today, so at the very end of the month I started an entirely new project – a crochet Krampus amigurumi.

I realize that right now he looks like the disembodied head of a zombie bunny, but I think once I add the horns, beard, and body, he’ll look more goat-like. Regardless of how he looks, my 2-year-old nephew has already made it clear he wants this little guy. It will be up to his mother if he gets it.

Krampus Challenge – Day 29, The Last of the Shrunken Elf Heads

Four Shrunken Elf Heads

I think this may be my Christmas card next year!

What do you think? The elf on the far right has ears. I think ears make it look more elfie, but I also think I might want to sew them on a bit differently. I don't know though.

Here's a closer look at Elf #4.

Elf #4

Look at dem ears!

I think I'm done making elves for the rest of this season. I've got one more project in mind, aside from the cross-stitch pattern, which may or may not be done in the next two days. I'll have to see how New Year's Eve goes.


Krampus Challenge – Day 25, A special elf for me


Special shrunken elf head

“Can you ‘ear’ me know?”

It’s Christmas Day. I got VERY little sleep last night, staying up to finish off wrapping presents and setting up little surprises for the girls. And then Pixie wanted me to get her up early so she could make the family a special Christmas breakfast of strawberry cream cheese sandwiches and ice cream. That’s when I discovered the dishwasher was totally full but wasn’t working, and I managed to wash 5 sinkfuls of dishes before Hubster (who KNEW the dishwasher wasn’t working) decided to flip the circuit breaker and voila! The dishwasher was now fixed. And also empty because I’d already hand-washed everything.

On the bright side, it was a slow, liesurely day. The kids tore through a mountain of presents and were very happy with (and even thankful for) what they received. Hubster was happy with his gifts too (more kitchen wares and dishes for me to wash… grumble, grumble…). And I got some very nice gifts, including a whole bunch of Studio Ghibli movies and some classic horror books.

Princess chased the cats with her new BB-8 while Pixie assembled her new Hot Wheels RC car, and I kind of stumbled around trying to pick up all the torn wrapping paper, or get the kids to pick up the torn wrapping paper, and sometimes even the cats picked up the torn wrapping paper, so I suspect we may get some very nicely wrapped gifts showing up in the litter box later this week, if you know what I mean.

And in between all this, I found time to work on a special shrunken elf head for myself. This guy is made with Vanna’s Choice yarn and he’s going to have EARS in addition to stitched on eyes and mouths. I think the ears really help sell the whole “shrunken head” thing.

And that was our Christmas Day. Oh, one more thing. Our household Krampuses (Krampii?) decided to come out and play in the tree. Here are a couple shots of the little buggers. 

Pink Krampus

“I see England, I see France!”

Green Krampus



Yes, that is underwear they’re carrying up into the tree. Don’t ask me why. It’s just what they do. Merry Christmas ya’ll.