Creature Comforts – Day 14, Granny Squares!

I took a day off from sewing to do some more work on the granny square blanket. 


Granny Squares!

I’m slowly piecing this together!

In my mind, this blanket not only qualifies as a “comfort” item; it’s also a “creature.” Or rather, a “monster.”I started this blanket last year, when I 64 granny squares. That’s a lot of granny squares – 8 different colors, 8 blocks each. It took me forever to make them, and once they were all made, it was summer so I just put them aside for later.

Now I’m finally stitching them all together, and I’m discovering that no two squares are the same size. They all have the same number of stitches, but the size varies (sometimes a lot) between the squares.

What was I doing when I made these granny squares? Was I drinking heavily? Possibly. It was Girl Scout cookie season when I started this project. Maybe I accidentally used two different sized hooks to make this, or maybe my gauge wasn’t quite as consistent as I thought it was. Whatever the reason, I don’t care. I’m stitching this blanket together anyway. I know it will be lumpy and misshapen when I’m done, but it will also be comfy and cozy and that’s all I care about. I will do a better job on the next blanket. But for now, I just want to get this monstrosity finished.

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