Move It Mama Monday! I got a MisFit Shine for Christmas!

Lest you all think I was nothing but lazy over the holidays, I am happy to report that I did a lot of walking to Mordor. I got out every day over the holidays and walked at least 15 minutes each day. I also did a bit of yoga and some Just Dance. We got Just Dance 2015 for Christmas and now Pixie and I are shaking our booties like maniacs after school each day while Princess watches us in ever-growing horror.

Speaking of Pixie, she got a new Jawbone Up band for Christmas. She had been asking for the activity band by Leap Pad, but Hubster and I thought she was a bit older than the target audience for that, thus she got the Up band. She loves it. She’s been asking me to go out for walks and to play Just Dance so she can see how much moving around she can cram into each day. She got in at least ten thousand steps a day over the holidays.

As for me, I got a new MisFit Shine. I had been eyeing that device for weeks. I loved my Up band, but there were some limitations with it. First, it wasn’t waterproof, meaning I couldn’t take it into the pool with me. That made it a no-go for deep water aerobics. The MisFit Shine is supposed to be good in water up to 50M, so I will be putting that to the test soon.

My second issue with the Up band was the amount of pressure it put on my wrist. I was wearing the recommended size for my wrist (a medium), but while the band had plenty of room around the sides of my wrist, it tended to press into the front and back. Some days, this would cause my wrist to go numb, and I’d have to leave the band off for a couple days.

The MisFit Shine, however, comes with a flexible watch-style band that you can slip the device into. Or I can wear it with a small band that I can attach to my shoe or sports bra. Best yet, I can buy a sterling silver pendant and chain so I can wear the MisFit Shine like a necklace. The MisFit Shine looks really nice – it’s a small, polished disk that comes in a variety of colors – and when I showed it to some friends, a lot of them were impressed with how sleek and stylish it looked. They were also impressed that I finally decided to wear something sleek and stylish, instead of something more along the line of my usually bizarre fashion tastes.

Finally, the best thing about the MisFit Shine is the display. To get an accurate count of steps (or hours of sleep, since it tracks that too), you need to sync it (wirelessly) with the free app. But, during the day, when I’m out and about, I can simply double-tap the Shine and it will light up to show me how close I am to meeting my daily step goal. The Shine has a series of lights around its edge, positioned just like the numbers on a clock face. As you progress toward your step goal, the light display increases to 12 o’clock. And because the lights are set up like a watch face, you can also set up the Shine to show the time of day as well as your daily step progress. You won’t see any numbers or watch hands, but one steady light will indicate what the hour is, and a second blinking light will show you the minutes. It takes a bit of getting used to, but now I no longer have to wear a watch AND a fitness device. I’ve got both all in one.

I’ll continue to post updates on how things go with the MisFit Shine. Right now, I’m extremely happy with it. And Pixie is so happy with her Up band that she and I are planning to do a 5K walk in March. So yay for walking and yay for fitness devices that motivate us both to get up and move!

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  1. That sounds so cool!

  2. The Shine sounds like the FitBit Flex, from the actual device slipping into an adjustable band to the lights flashing to show how close you are to your goal. I do like the watch face design for it, though. Is pretty nifty.

    My Flex will be winging its way to my sister soon, as I’m upgrading to the Charge HR. I wanted the heart rate monitoring and digital watch it has.

    We’ll see if it actually gets my buttocks moving around some more…

  3. Kes,

    I know what you mean! There’s a big difference between having the fitness monitor and actually giving it something to monitor. I will say using the MisFit Shine as a watch does force me to check my step count progress, and that in turn does get me to move a bit more. So, yeah, maybe it will work.

    Let me know how the Charge HR works for you!

  4. DDog,

    It is cool! I’ve really enjoyed using the Shine the last couple of weeks. I plan on getting myself the sterling silver pendant setting for it for my birthday this year 🙂

  5. It’s actually gotten me to move a little more because I have it set that between the time and my heart rate is my step count. The last day or two has been a little bit of an aberration because I’ve been dealing with an acute bout of diverticulitis. Otherwise, I’ve actually been tending to get more steps since I got the Charge HR.

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