ACW Episode 250!!! Row, row, row your boat!


Click on the pic to see it full-sized!

Wow! 250 webcomics and I’m still here. Which is pretty surprising considering the above cartoon did happen. Row the canoe out to the middle of the lake… tip the canoe… turn the canoe upright… get back into the canoe… row the canoe… tip the canoe… etc., etc.

It’s taking me longer than I’d like to get the webcomic done. I do work on it every day, usually for at least an hour, more when I can. But I am slow. Script writing goes very quickly, but penciling takes me forever to get done. Inking is a bit faster, as is coloring and adding dialog, but it still all adds up to a lot of work.

I think part of the reason why is because I’ve gotten more ambitious in what I draw. The backgrounds are more detailed. And every now and then I try to do something I’ve never done before, like drawing a canoe in perspective (that was a huge challenge this week). I think it makes the webcomic better, even if it does slow things down.

So I will keep working, and do what I can to get faster at putting out the comic. Hopefully all the time and effort I put into it is worth it 🙂

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