Playing around with Bryce 7

I’ve been indulging myself in old hobbies the last couple weeks. This week I dusted off some of my 3D software and started playing with it. Here’s a render I did today using Bryce 7. Bryce 7 is an environment creation program. I’ve become more and more interested in landscapes lately, so playing with this program really suits my mood.

Bryce 3D

Bryce 7 render

Of course, I can never leave anything alone, so after I rendered this in Bryce, I took it over to Photoshop to play with a bit. Mainly just to prove to myself that I still know how to use both Bryce and Photoshop together…

Bryce 3D

Bryce 7 render with some post-work done in Photoshop

I’m rendering an animated version of this now, so when that’s done, I’ll post it as well. Enjoy the artwork!

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