“We Have Always Been Here” – robot head!

Here is this morning's work on the current drawing. This particular robot is going to be in pieces, scattered throughout the waves. I wanted this one to have a very modern, sleek look, as opposed to the thrown-together, more organic look of the other robots I've drawn. You'll see why as this goes on.

To make the head, I drew a sketch of it in Sketchclub, which I then imported into InkPad. I drew one half the head in InkPad and gave all the pieces the same gradient. I adjusted the angle on a few pieces to show some shading. Then I grouped all those pieces together, duplicated them, flipped them, and lined them up with the first half of the head. I also flipped some of the gradients to give the impression of light coming from a particular direction (upper right corner of the image).

I'll add more organic shadows and other elements to this robot head to get it to fit more into the style of the overall image, but I very much want to show two different kinds of robots in this drawing.

There's also a layer of gradient yellow overtop the whole image. This does two things. First, it ties together the color scheme of the whole image. No matter what colors I use, they all have that same yellow tint. Second, I think it gives the overall image a feeling of vintage warmth, that sort of “Olden, Golden Days” atmosphere.

So, let me know what you think! I'll keep working on this and posting the results here.


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