Work in Progress – We Have Always Been Here

Work In Progress

We Have Always Been Here by Helen E. H. Madden (in progress)

I started a new drawing today, this time in InkPad, my favorite vector app for the iPad. I've been wanting to do a landscape drawing, especially after seeing the images in the Gaze HD apps (I've been using the beach version for morning meditation (yes, I meditate. Anything to bring my blood pressure down)). So this morning I searched through some very old Time-Life books I have, a collection called “The American Wilderness.” I found my reference image in the volume on the Caribbean Isles. It's a nice, peaceful scene, though I'm modifying the colors a bit. This book was published in 1973, and I'm not crazy about the colors in the photography. The photos definitely have that 70s look.

There will be a couple of robots in this image. I like drawing robots, so I'm going to keep doing that.

And yes, just like the previous drawing, I did this one in bed this morning. I honestly see no reason to work any place else. It is the perfect place for me to focus on my work and actually get stuff done.

Hell, it worked for Mark Twain.


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