ACW Episode 241 – Evenrood!

Cynical Woman!

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Evenrood is my youngest nephew. His mother, Heather, is married to one of Hubster’s brothers. Evenrood is A-DOR-A-BLE!! Seriously, cute cute cute cute CUTIE-PIE!! And whenever we go to visit his family, I get as much snoogling with him as I can. And I might even be willing to change his diaper. Maybe.

Anyway, about the previous post. I was hard at work on the webcomic. I had spent the afternoon upgrading from Manga Studio 5 to Manga Studio EX5 (and I am so glad I did that! MS5 is great, but the upgrade is even better!). I was just sitting down to do the inks for today’s webcomic when Pixie came in and asked me if I would play a game with her. And in all honesty, how could I say no to her? But I told Pixie I had to have something to put up on the website today, so I asked her for the drawing she had done earlier in the day and we took a photo of that and she dictated a letter to me and that’s what we posted for today.

Then we went to her room and she showed me the “cash register” she had made out of a Slim Jims box (which for some reason was stuffed with Lego characters) and then she handed me a card with a “Despicable Me” Minion on it as said that was my credit card and I could buy whatever was in her bedroom. So I gave her the card and said I wanted a kiss from her. And she laughed and ran my card through the Slim Jim cash register, handed me some change made out of bits of cardboard and foam circles, and gave me a big ol’ kiss. And then it was her turn to use the credit card and she told me she was buying 800 kisses from me!

And we went back and forth like that for a while. Eventually Princess joined us and we all played cash register until I discovered that one of our toilets was overflowing. That’s when we switched to a game called “Oh crap! Grab a mop! Go get your father! Tell him to bring the snake!” That’s a really fun game, let me tell you, and the whole family joined in on that until it was bedtime.

So I finished the webcomic this evening, and here it is and now you know the whole story behind Pixie’s drawing. The End.

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