ACW 238 – Sometimes the tooth hurts.

Cynical Woman!

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Yeah, I know I’m late, and Bitchcraft hasn’t gone up yet this week, but I did warn you guys.

So far this month I have broken a tooth (on an M&M), tested for 4th degree black belt (4 hours after I broke the tooth), had the tooth repaired, took care of Hubster when he got sick, took care of Hubster when his back went out, took care of Pixie when she got sick, got sick myself and then MY back went out, attended two school holiday concerts, pulled an all-nighter on Christmas Eve to finish presents for the girls, and then sort of collapsed and kept myself good and drugged through the rest of the holidays so far.

Today is the first day that my back doesn’t bother me at all. I’m slowly catching up on stuff that I was going to do while I was sick, and I’m trying to make plans for the next couple of months. Resolutions? I’m pondering them. What I’m pondering more though is where my motivation has gone. I want to do NOTHING. I hate when I feel like that. It just sort of seems like everything I do is pointless. Logically, I know my work is not pointless, but I’ve been able to accomplish so little the last year due to the torn ACL and now the issues I seem to be having with arthritis.

What to do, what to do. I have contemplated dedicating this year to finishing up all my unfinished projects. I have enough to fill a year and then some, so I may go with that. We’ll see. Maybe if I can get some of these unfinished projects off my plate/conscience, then I’ll feel less pointless.

And maybe, just maybe, I’ll say to hell with all of it and go curl up in bed with my heating pad, a hot buttered rum, and a good book. At least for the rest of tonight 🙂

Happy New Year, folks! I promise I’ll be in a better mood tomorrow.

And Bitchcraft will return on Friday. Promise.

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