ACW Episode 223 – There’s feral and then there’s FERAL


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Yes, once again I did not get a chance to color the comic. There are two reasons for this.

First, I won a copy of Manga Studio 5 at InterventionCon last week, and decided to install and use it for this week’s webcomic. It’s very nice, but there is definitely a learning curve to be conquered, at least for me.

Second, never NEVER try to do work when Hubster and the kids are home. They will let me get nothing done. I am ready to murderate them all and just become a crazy cat lady who draws and crochets all the time. I think I would finally get stuff done. It does not help that this has been a 3-day weekend, one child vomited all over the bathroom, and everyone keeps asking me to help them with stuff when I’m trying to work.

I’m going upstairs to take my meds now. Apparently we are spending the rest of today looking at dissected dead bodies in a local museum. Perhaps I will find some inspiration there…

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