ACW Episode 211 – Still not getting it

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Yes, we did eventually find a female super hero. Yes, she was all pink. Yes, my hair is pink, too. But sometimes it's blue. Or orange. In fact, my hair has been lots of colors. And while I like pink, I hate that people insist that pink is for girls, or that anything related to girls must be pink!!

The only other female super hero we could find was all in yellow, the other approved color for female super heroes. And yes, both these female super heroes were Power Rangers. And yes, we ended up buying them, because I was desperate and because Princess and Pixie love Power Rangers.

But I insisted on putting a cut-out of the Sensational She-Hulk on the cake. Because Shulkie ROCKS!!!


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  1. Wonder Woman? She Hulk? Rogue? Storm? Super girl?

    In fact, I am pretty sure I can come up with more non-pink female superheroes than pink ones.


  2. Doc, I can come up with plenty of non-pink super-hero women, but I can’t find them in the toy aisle of my local stores! That was my ultimate frustration.

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