ACW Episode 208 – Mamas, don’t dress your babies up to be hookers

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I honestly believe this is the best strip I've ever drawn. The colors, the poses and expressions, even the inking came out great! And this is one of those “It really happened” stories. By the way, you can't quite see it in the comic, but those are “Hooker Baby Brand” undies. Available at all fine retail stores that are eager to help you turn your pre-teen/grade-schooler/pre-schooler/toddler/infant daughter into a sex object! I'm looking at you, Target and Walmart!

Seriously though, no child needs to wear a neon green/blaze orange thong. So why do our retail stores sell them in the Juniors section? I've seen classier undies in a Fredericks of Hollywood catalog. Our daughters should not be turned into sex toys, no matter how much money corporations think they can make off of that.

'Nuff said.


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