Rats! Episode 116 – Taking care of everyone but yourself

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Alas, this happens all too often. You get put in charge of a bunch of other people and you forget to take care of yourself. It happens to me even now. I’ve got so much going on with my oldest daughter’s Girl Scout troop (for which I am the troop leader) that I sometimes forget the things I need to do for the youngest’s Girl Scout troop. Thankfully, her troop leaders know what I’m dealing with, and they take good care of the kiddo. Still, I could kick myself for having forgotten to send in Valentines for the last Daisy¬†troop meeting. *Sigh*

I’m sick this week. Came down with a nasty case of the flu on Monday night. I spent all day yesterday on the couch or in bed, dealing with a skull-splitting headache, joint pains, and congestion. The headache was the worst of it, but that seems to have died down a bit now. I tried to call the physical therapist this morning to let them know I wasn’t coming in because I was sick, but they called me first to let me know they had to cancel because the physical therapist was sick. So that worked out. ¬†Now I plan to take it easy today, get back on the couch to watch whatever is playing on USA or crawl back into bed to watch anime on my iPad. I must have watched 4 episodes of “Occult Academy” last night on Crunchy Roll. I say must have, because I can’t quite recall anything beyond a pounding headache.

In any event, have fun today and don’t catch the flu! Trust me, flu sucks.

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