Rats! Episode 113 – With Great Responsibility Comes Great Headaches

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I still remember the name of the guy who was the head new cadet for my group – Don Shannon. He came into the VTCC as a sophomore and was an engineering student. Don was both responsible, reliable, and incredibly snarky/funny. He knew the whole “rat” process was just a mind game and he had fun with it, I think. Although I can remember this one time when all the rats had to gather in one room in the company area to get ready for SRC (Supper Roll Call), so we could march out together to evening formation. Only evening formation got cancelled, which annoyed Don because he’d gone to all the trouble to make sure we were all there, our uniforms looked good, etc. So Don started swearing and ranting and stomping around the room, and right in the middle of it all, the company commander walked in. All the rest of us immediately snapped to attention but Don was so busy swearing, he didn’t even notice until he turned around and came face to face with the CO. And THEN he immediately snapped to attention like the rest of us. The CO thought the whole thing was pretty funny, so he let Don off the hook, but after he left the room, Don turned to the rest of us and said, “And not one of you morons could tell me that the CO was in the room?!”

Poor Don. But he did an excellent job as head new cadet!

My right knee is doing a lot better, though I use my crutches and knee brace from time to time, usually just when I’m really tired or I’m surrounded by a lot of screaming kids (i.e. any time I’m working with Girl Scouts). I have at least one more month of physical therapy, and another month after that before I can even think of going back to karate. However, I am doing much better and I climb that second set of stairs to get back into my office now, so blog posts should be on a regular schedule now.

Don’t forget, I will be at Marscon this weekend! I have a table in the dealers room and I will be doing several panels on webcomics and speculative fiction erotica and other topics! Be sure to stop by and see me if you’re there!

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