PerCaDraMo for 8 November, 2012 – The Rock God

The Rock God

The Rock God by Helen E. H. Maddeb

Here is today's PerCaDraMo cartoon. I consider each panel of today's webcomic to be individual entries for PerCaDraMo, since they're each individual paintings and they each took a looooooong time to draw.

So with those four panels and today's cartoon, I'm three cartoons behind. That's what happens when I end up being gone at the very start of the month. I would love to be able to get ahead on my cartooning, especially for webcomics. Doing that would mean drawing comics every day, and drawing them quicker than I currently do. I have gotten quicker in the last year or so, but then when I add in scanning and coloring the comics, that slows the process back down again.

So I'm looking into ways to get faster at this. Today's cartoon, The Rock God, took an hour and a half to do. I'll see if there's a way to get faster at this.

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