Flashback Friday! Galactic Chicken

Flashback Friday artwork

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Back when I used to have a grown-up day job, I would stave off mind-numbing boredom by doodling in a sketch book. Almost all the doodles were done in ball-point pen, because it was what I had on hand at the time. Turns out these days that ball-point pen is quite the artistic medium, which some artists turning out these amazing works of art. I may have to dig through my desk drawer and see what pens I have still. If they haven’t all leaked.

Anyway, these are a few characters I drew during some boring meeting. The cat is Lydia, one of my cats who passed away a few years ago. Lydia was a very loving, quiet cat who was also somewhat crazy.  I adopted her when I was in graduate school. She lived to be 18 years old, and I was very sad to see her go.

The other characters are Elvis the Alien, who I used to draw all the time, and Galactic Chicken, who I only drew the once. I have no idea why I drew Galactic Chicken, but I did, and for some reason, I apparently decided he needed lips. I guess chickens from outer space have lips. I don’t really know.

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