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Oh holy cow. It’s amazing the difference one little pill can make. As of writing this, I’ve been on a generic brand of Paxil for over a week now, and even the kids can tell the difference. I’m no longer constantly worrying about things, I’m getting stuff done, I’m not brain dead come suppertime anymore, and I’m actually enjoying things that used to drive me up the wall. I can’t recall the last time I felt like this. It’s amazing.

There have been a couple days when the medication hasn’t worked, or it’s suddenly stopped working, and then suddenly I feel abysmal and over-anxious again. But overall, things have been good.

The diagnosis has changed, however. It’s no longer menopause, but polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS for short). When the nurse called and told me that, I immediately looked it up, and boy, is that a fun medical issue. Complications from PCOS include endometrial hyper-plasia (which I already know I have), heart disease, and insulin resistance or Type 2 Diabetes.  There’s a chance I may also have some thyroid problems, so the doc is running a couple more tests. I go back in a few days to get all the results and discuss treatments.

But right now, things are fine. Work is getting done. I’m having fun with the kids, and I’ve stopped cleaning the house like a harpy on speed. In other words, I can now handle life without the stress killing my brain. We’ll see what happens next week. Until then, have fun!

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