ACW Episode 173 – It’s Blow-Off Day again!

ACW webcomic, episode 173

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Sorry guys, no color webcomic this week, but hey, you do get to see me in my undies!

Last week was just a lousy week, with everything that could go wrong, go wrong. Everything from a sunburn that I should have had the common sense to prevent to the website going down while migrating it to a new host to the kids seeming to actively destroy the house… You name it, it went wrong last week. And I hit the point around Friday evening when I finally just started singing the “Blow-Off Day” song non-stop because that’s how bad things were.

Then I dropped a whole carton of left-over hibachi shrimp on the kitchen floor the next day, and that’s when I started swearing non-stop.

Anyway, here’s hoping this week is better. We’ll see.

PS – let me know if you encounter any problems with the website. I think I fixed all the glitches, but I can’t be certain. Thanks!

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