ACW 169 – I’m in a Mood


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That’s my hair all right! And I have been in a mood lately. A nostalgic mood, to be exact. Not sure what started it. It might have been the trip up to Pennsylvania a few weeks ago to see my aunt. My late grandma’s old house is right down the road from my aunt’s place, so I spent a lot of time in that neighborhood as a kid. Being there as an adult with kids of my own was kind of startling. It was nice to see my aunt and uncle again, but sad to realize the house my grandmother lived in had been sold to another family. I had a hard time picking it out because they’d made changes to the place.

I also spent some time this weekend touring an old light ship, which really made me nostalgic. That light ship looked and smelled exactly like the Army tugboats I used to work with. Walking through it, seeing the tiny little kitchen and the tiny little bunk rooms and the tiny little office for the ship’s captain really took me back. There’s nothing quite like small military boats. They are a world unto themselves. I caught myself thinking while we walked around that if the apocalypse were to suddenly hit, I could be quite happy holed up in that little boat, even it if was permanently dry-docked in cement. It would make a neat little house.

I think maybe the final kicker to my nostalgia trip is the book I’m currently reading, “Howl’s Moving Castle.” I had seen the movie years back, but hadn’t realized it was based on a book. I made my find in the kids’ section of our local library and immediately snatched it up. Reading that book reminds me of all the evenings I spent at Virginia Tech watching anime with my friends. I miss those days, especially when summer rolls around.

Oh well. That’s enough of my trip down memory lane. I’m going downstairs now to watch TV with the kids. We’re watching “The Menagerie” from Star Trek, the original series.

I know. I know. Have fun, ya’ll.

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