Rats! Episode 96 – If I could turn back time


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Ah yes, the joys of looking ahead to next year. Things always look better when they’re still a year away, but the here and now never satisfies. And then suddenly that year passes and you’re exactly where you wanted to be and you wish you could go back.

I can’t tell you how many nights I dream of going back to Blacksburg, of being a student again, living in the cadet dorms or a tiny little apartment (I had the nicest little apartment when I was a grad student at Radford!). A lot of times though, those dreams are nightmares. I’m lost on campus and can’t figure out how to get to my next class. A lot of times I don’t even know what my next class is. Or I’m stuck in the drop-add line the first day of the semester and I can’t get anyone to help me fix my class schedule, which is bad because someone signed me up for 6 hours of calculus and I’m majoring in communications! Communications majors don’t DO math, people!

And then there are the nightmares where I’m wandering around on campus in civilian clothes and I know that’s wrong and I’ve simply got to get back to the dorm and change into my uniform, only I never got my uniforms and I’m going to be in so much trouble when my cadet first sergeant finds out about that—

I’m trying to recall right now if I ever had any pleasant dreams about being a cadet at Virginia Tech. The short answer to that is “no.” The long answer is “hell no.” I’m much happier where I am, here and now, I think.

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