Rats! Episode 89 – Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful


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And we’re back from camping with the Girl Scouts! I gotta tell ya, today’s comic is a pretty accurate reflection of the camping trip I went on this weekend, only in reverse. We were freezing our butts off in our tents Friday night, and then sweltering and swatting away the mosquitoes on Saturday night. The turn-around in temperature definitely reminded me of dear old Blacksburg.

The fun thing about the weather in Blacksburg was that is was always awful. At least it was if you had to wear a uniform that was 50% wool, 50% polyester. When it was cold, the thin fabric of the uniform did damned little to protect you from the freezing wind. When it was hot, the wool made you sweat like a pig. And when it rained, you smelled like a wet sheep. Yes, the weather was always awful when I was a cadet.

But today it’s very warm and balmy and I’ve been traipsing around in my favorite floor length skirt and my favorite t-shirt (the one with the time machine, the mummy, and the killer robot). It’s nice. And because it’s Virginia, it won’t last. I expect summer to arrive in the next five minutes. Therefore I’m headed out of the office now to go find some popsicles. Enjoy today’s webcomic.

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  1. This hasn’t changed at all….the weather here still changes about 4 times a day, and the uniforms do jack nothing to keep us temperature happy. Oh well.

  2. Meg, I have bad news for you. The uniforms in the military aren’t much better!

    For me, I rarely use the phones. Until this semester, when my room mate showed me I could check the weather with it. Seems like most people check the weather on their mobile phone. Anyway, we would wake up for PT in the dark, I would check the phone because it was on my side of the room. Nothing like a cheerful “The temperature (he was an articulate automated voice) is 20 degrees.” Then, I would repeat the temperature, we dress in the dark (because you were crazy to turn on the lights at 5:00 in the morning), fill up our water bottles, and shuffle out to the hall way, and join the massive exodus to War Memorial gym.

  4. John,

    We only did PT in the War Memorial Gym occasionally. More often, we were out by the Duck Pond or out at Lane Stadium, exercising in the freezing cold. One of the many reasons why I did not enjoy PT!

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