Flashback Friday – Phoenix in Oil Pastels


“Phoenix” by me, age ??

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done a Flashback Friday post. Sorry. Girl Scouts, as always, is the reason why. First it was cookie season, then it was training, and now I have to take 10 little girls camping in a couple weeks. So I’ve been a bit busy.

Anyway, about the drawing above. I don’t like it. I did this in college, I think. I remember I took a course on creativity and the teacher urged us to draw mandalas whenever we had the chance. This was my version of a mandala. It was circular, at least, and colorful. But looking at it today I also think it’s blurry and messy and I really could have eased up on how much oil pastel I ground into the paper. I used to do the same thing with pencils and crayons too, until I learned better. Shading and coloring take patience. Color has to be built up slowly over time. I’m learning that lesson all over again as I work on a digital painting for a client. Easy, slow, take your time building up the layers of color. I’m sure I’ll keep learning this lesson many times before it finally sinks in.

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