Possible T-shirt Design – Tentacle Witch

Hey! This is just a real quick post. I finished up a bit of line artwork on Monday and I like it enough that I’m considering making it a t-shirt design. Would anybody be interested in this? I’ll probably go ahead and do it either way, but I’m interested in hearing what people think. I’m switching up the things that I do, and am focusing on a particular style of drawing and cartooning, so I’d love some feedback! Let me know if you like this


The Tentacle Witch by Helen E. H. Madden

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  1. Cool drawing! I love the detail you put into the spots and suckers on the tentacles. I probably would not buy it as a t-shirt, but that is because it isn’t really my style. I think other people might want it. I’d also love to see you do a full color version.

  2. Dwight,

    I’m still considering what I might do with it. I may just do it as a print, as a pendant for a necklace (Zazzle sells square pendants, which would make this easy to do), or I may just sell the original art. I’ll have to see! I’m slowly but surely getting it colored 😉

    Glad you like it!

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