Random Art – Self-portraits

I recently bought “Doodling with Jim Henson” (which almost, but doesn’t quite, sound like the name of a PBS porn flick) and have been slowly scribbling away in the book. If you haven’t seen this title (the book, not the porn flick), it’s a look at Jim Henson’s scribbles and sketches and the importance he placed on doodling to create art.  The bulk of the book is a series of doodling exercises and prompts, two of which I’ve done and am presenting the results of here.  Both are self-portraits… sort of.


My inner dreamer is a bit freaky.


My inner dreamer also has lots more time to draw than I do, thus she embarks on far more ambitious projects.

Anyway, these were drawn with blue Micron pens. I love Microns, love, love, LOVE them. They’re perfect for cartooning.  And I’m enjoying this book, though I can only get to it occasionally to do some doodling. However, as I do more “Doodling with Jim Henson” (seriously, cannot get the cheesy porn music out of my head when I say that title), I’ll post the results here.

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  1. Would that theme music be “da, da, da, da-ti, da da; da, da, da, da-ti da; da, da-ti da di da da, bow-chicka wow wow, da-ti da… ? 🙂
    Yes, I have inflicted this upon Dawn. She told me, “Bad! Bad boy!!”

  2. Dwight, it would be more like, “Ma nah ma nah! Bow chicka wowow!! Ma nah ma nah!!”

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