ACW Episode 151 – You’re Only as Old as You Feel


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Woo hoo! Purple hair! Boooooo, bad knees!

For the record, I changed my hair color again. I dyed it mostly purple with orangy-pink bangs, at the request of Princess’ Brownie troop.  Actually, they wanted purple only, but I had to have a second color in there.  And I’ve still got some streaks of blue as well, so it’s looking pretty funky.

As for the knees, I’ve injured both knees seriously enough that I’ve had trouble getting up and down the steps at times. I’ve definitely got arthritis, a fact which drives my dad crazy.

“Helen, you’re not old enough to have arthritis!”

“Uh, Dad? I’m almost 43.”

“Gack! Don’t tell me that! If you’re 43, then I’m…”

“Older than dirt?”

“Helen, you never were a loving child…”

So anyway, yeah, cool hair but lousy knees and an occasional twinge in my back. But I’m still rockin’ it baby! I just have to rock it in a rocking chair some days.

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