ACW Episode 148 – Need More Coffee, Obviously

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Yes, this actually happened. Our hotel room at Marscon was interesting. In addition to being directly across from the never-ending room party from hell (on Saturday night, it shut down at 5AM), we also had a little problem with the coffee maker. It would only intermittently heat the water. Now, I brought instant coffee with me, so when the water came out cold Saturday morning, I cursed my fate that most hotels don’t have microwaves in the rooms anymore. And I probably did that cursing while standing in front of the microwave that I was somehow blind to all weekend long. All I can say is, I was very, very, very tired. And really, it’s so frikkin’ rare these days for me to get a hotel room that actually has a microwave in it!

And did I mention that the shower handle had a habit of turning itself so that the water kept getting hotter while I showered? I nearly boiled myself like a lobster. Oy!

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