Rats! Episode 78 – Which class did you want?

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I always hated having to go to drop-add to get my class schedule fixed. I have no idea what it’s like today, but it absolutely boggled my mind the hoops I had to jump through to get the classes I wanted. By what process did the university decide that I needed Underwater Basket Weaving in lieu of Public Speaking or First Amendment Law and History (required courses for someone in my major!)? To make matters even worse, my sophomore year, the Army ROTC department introduce the Professional Military Education requirements, additional classes we needed to take in order to become commissioned officers. I cannot tell you how many cadets went from 4-year degrees to 5-year degrees when that came out.

It was always a mess. So many hours wasted tracking back and forth across the campus to find a professor who would let you into the class you needed even though it was full. To this day, I have nightmares about trying to get into a class I desperately need, only to discover the professor has left for his Hawaiian vacation, and will not be back before I graduate.

Hope all you current cadets have settled into the new semester without too many problems! Now quit reading webcomics and get back to studying!!

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