ACW Episode 143 – Hoppy Holidays

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It was like the weirdest game of live-action Frogger ever. There we were, happily driving down the highway, on our way to see “Hugo” (great movie, by the way), when out of nowhere this froggy potty leaps out at us, forcing my mom to run over it with her SUV. It made this horrendous noise, like it was tearing the engine apart with its plastic molded froggy paws. Then the noise stopped. Then the noise started again, only different, and this time the car started to slow down, and it got slower and slower and slower… We barely made it to the movie theater parking lot, where my mom parked and we all jumped out to survey the damage. And there he was, stuck in the wheel well – a child’s froggy potty covered in black goop.

And yes, my dad did actually say the line in the last panel. That’s my dad! Now you know where I get it from.

My family is visiting for another day or so, and then I hope to get back to regular work, but I’m not making any promises for this week. I’ve got to get started on some stuff for Girl Scouts. Cookie season is rapidly approaching, as well as Thinking Day, and I’m in charge of both this year. Plus Marson is coming up, and I’ve got a lot to get ready for that. But someone very nice has offered to help me out with all three of these events, so I should be good. Right, Mich?

Anyway, this is the last Cynical Woman cartoon for the year. I’ll see if I can get Rats! up on Thursday, and then I won’t see you again until next year. Have a good one!

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