ACW Episode 141 – The Negotiator

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Both Princess and Pixie have become quite the negotiators at dinner time, and it’s driving me nuts. For years now, I’ve had to argue over how many spoonfuls of vegetables equals one dessert. It doesn’t help that I myself am picky about the vegetables I eat. Only my best friend, Mary, knows how to cook brocolli in such a way that I will actually eat it, stem, flourettes and all!

Things are getting busy here at Cynical Woman Central. I’ve been working on more t-shirt designs, including the Zombie Goth Mermaid. I’m hoping to do a series of goth/steampunk t-shirts and prints, so you’ll be seeing signs of that in the not-too-distant future. Right now, I have two t-shirts for sale in the Cynical Woman Zazzle shop, along with cards, postage stamps, iPad cases, jewelry and other goodies. If you’re so inclined, feel free to visit the shop and browse. All proceeds from that shop go right into paying for more graphics software and hardware so I can produce even more cartoons and cool stuff.

Have fun this week, and don’t forget to eat your vegetables!!

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  1. I like most veggies, problem is not so much eating them as getting them.

  2. LOL! My kids love veggie, it’s getting them to eat everything else.

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