ACW Episode 139 – My Healthy Thanksgiving

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Oh yeah, do I have the flu. That’s the reason why today’s cartoon is late. I managed to get this drawn, inked and lettered whilst lying in bed yesterday, but then couldn’t figure out how to drag my sick ass out of bed, down stairs and up a second set of stairs to get into the office to scan this in. I seriously considered just grabbing the camera I had stashed in my nightstand and taking photos of the cartoon to upload for today, rather than try to make it to my scanner to do this job properly. I was that sick, folks.

The good news is today I feel much better. Yesterday I felt like someone wearing hob-nail boots was stomping on my back while simultaneously trying to chew through my head horizontally with a chain saw. My face and my teeth hurt like you wouldn’t believe! A friend of mine on Twitter who apparently had the same flu said he kept thinking his face was going to explode, then he hoped it would explode just so the pain would go away. That’s exactly how I felt.

So I spent most of yesterday in bed, letting the kids watch as much TV as they wanted while I tried to remain unconscious (bad mama!). Hubster got home from work, got the kids fed, checked homework and put them to bed. Then he applied some TLC to me by renting “Paul” for me to watch while I lay dying on the couch. In spite of my severe facial pain, I did manage to laugh through the whole movie. I highly recommend it.

I’m much better today, but I slept until noon, and wasn’t dressed and fed until just half an hour ago. Now I’m up and moving and I feel rather woozy sitting here at the computer trying to get all my cartoons set up for the week. Hubster has promised to come home early so we can get the girls and then take us all to see “Puss In Boots.” I expect I will doze through that, no matter how sexy Antonia Banderas is. But the kids say they won’t go without me, so I’m going.

Hopefully I’ll be back to my normal, bitchy self by the end of the week. In any case, here is today’s cartoon, drawn while I was dying from the flu. You should not catch the flu by enjoying this cartoon, but if you do, not my fault!

By the way, if you love me and you want me to feel better, don’t forget to stop by the Cynical Woman Zazzle shop and buy Zombie Santa Christmas cards!! Yeah, whoooaaaa! Zombie Santa! Or buy something else that I made there as a gift for somebody! I know there’s not a ton of stuff in the shop yet, but if you like robots or zombies, or octopi with gears for brains, then there’s something there you want to buy. Support the Cynical Woman with the flu! Or she will give you her cooties of doooooooooooom!!!!!!

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