ACW Episode 138 – The Trouble with Oatmeal

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There’s not exactly a punch line to today’s cartoon. But this really did happen. I didn’t get much breakfast on Friday morning before heading out the door, and by the time I was done with my morning water aerobics class and getting ready to head for the library, I was famished. So I bought the oatmeal, tucked it into my pocket and headed straight for the back of the library where I knew I could eat it in peace and quiet. I always bring coffee with me, because I like to have a cup of coffee when I work in the mornings, but the oatmeal was something I normally wouldn’t do. I have to admit, I don’t like bringing food into the library. I think too many people do it and they leave a mess and don’t bother cleaning up after themselves. And of course, sneaking food in can lead to some unexpected problems…

I did manage to get the oatmeal out of my pocket, though for a few minutes I thought I was going to have to it it straight out of the pocket then scrunch up the empty carton so I could pull it out and throw it away. Won’t be doing this again. As Mich pointed out, I should have just spent a few minutes in Starbucks eating the oatmeal there, but I was so intent on getting to my happy place in the library, I was willing to be stupid.

Speaking of my happy place at the library, I learned years ago that if I really wanted to get work done, the place to go is the library. There’s this one desk in the back that’s right next to an outlet, and the desk has those walls on the side so I’m shielded from nosy onlookers and I can sit and work to my heart’s content. I’ve been doing this off and on for years, and just recently started going back to the library for “regular office hours.” I’ve been there every Monday and Friday this month, working on my NaNoWriMo project, which is shaping up into… something. It’s more like pre-writing or outlining than a novel, but it’s that important first step in novel creation so I’m pleased with the results. As of this Monday morning, I’d written almost forty-six thousand words. My plan is to finish off those last four thousand words before we leave today to head to DC for the week.

I WILL NOT HAVE INTERNET CONNECTION DURING THE REST OF THIS WEEK BECAUSE I WILL BE IN DC!! I just thought I’d mention that. I’m going to be at my in-laws and they only have dial-up there and it’s not worth going down to the basement which is where I think I’d have to go to connect, so I’m just going to be offline for the rest of the week. I have all my blog posts for the week planned out except for the PerCaDraMo entries. I’ll continue to do a cartoon a day while I’m away, but you won’t see the drawings for Tuesday through Saturday until after I get home. Sorry!

Have a great Thanksgiving, and if you must sneak a turkey into the library to eat it, make sure it’s small enough to fit into, and get out of, your jacket pocket. Salud!

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