PerCaDraMo Day 18 – The Disease Known as Old Age


I wouldn’t really call old age a disease, but sometimes it’s treated as such. People get old, unless the die young. And getting older means watching your body decay, which I think everyone hates. I know I hate seeing the lines that have become permanently etched upon my forehead and around my mouth, and my neck these days looks more and more like my grandmother’s, which kind of horrifies me. I’m trying to appreciate the process of growing older; I’m only 42, after all. But even so, I find myself fighting it tooth and nail.

Some days I wish I could just accept that there’s no cure for old age.

Today’s entry was drawn on the iPad using ArtRage and SketchClub. I discovered there are some nifty features to the pen tool in SketchClub and I may start using it more often for cartooning. I like the look of the artwork I get with that program.

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