ACW Episode 137 – Time Travel, Ho!

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I’ve been dealing with schedule issues since school started, trying to balance my roles as parent and as business woman, and not having much success. It was getting to a point where I was so overloaded with work and obligations, I was stressing out over the tiniest little things. I even had a melt-down over the new hand-mixer Hubster bought for me because it came with too many attachments and I had no idea when I was going to have five free minutes to sit down and read the manual to figure out how the damned thing was supposed to work.

So I made a decision last week to cut some stuff out of my schedule. Some of it was stuff I wanted to do but know I don’t have time for, and other stuff was stuff I was expected to do by other people and I didn’t have time for. I let folks know that my priorities are family, then work, and then everything else. And since family and work take up 99.9% of all my time, I did not have anything left over for anybody else. Thankfully, everybody involved seemed to understand, and my stress level went down considerably after I made those changes to my schedule. But it was pretty bad for a while there, and I need to be very careful that I don’t get that overloaded again.

So anyway, I thought it would be fun to draw a steampunk cartoon, and here it is. This was the comic I spent all my drawing time on Sunday, which is why I never got a PerCoDraMo comic up that day. I was drawing, working very hard on this in fact, but it wasn’t supposed to go up until today, so there ya go. Will I continue PerCoDraMo after this month? Ah… no. Again, I’d love to, and I may still do a quick drawing every day, but getting it posted some times is a bit of a problem, especially when I try to do the web comic in advance, because then I have to draw two things that day. As I stated earlir, I need to be very careful to avoid adding extra obligations and stress to my already hectic schedule.


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